Monday, November 26, 2007

"DOG-GONE" cute!!

So last weekend, we posted the pictures of the kid's room. Remember I'd said that Harris's wasn't quite done? Kim took home 3 canvases to paint at home. We took a digital pic of the dogs for her to paint, and here they are in the flesh. Or fur as it may be. (Wow... that was SUCH a my Dad comment. I apologize!) These are SO amazing. Honestly, you have to see them to believe them, we'll try to post them to show how cute. Here we go...
The room before the new doggy prints.

Here's the quilt that started it all...

I can't decide which is my favorite...

Thanks again Kim! We LOVE the rooms and love to show them off! She's willing to travel everyone! So check her out! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Riley's Thanksgiving Program

What a night! Riley had a speaking part, and she told us, "I didn't even have butterflies in my tummy!" She must not be my daughter, because I was nervous just watching her! But she was a champ! She did great!!! Check her out!

It's pretty quick, she's announcing the traditional dance that is about to start.

Jack did less great, while choking on his water, he threw up on Dad and Harris in the middle of the performance. Ugh. What a glamorous life we lead, huh? Poor guy. Harris was SUCH a good sport! Here's a pic of my boys while we were watching (pre-puke) ...

This was a funny pic, David kept closing his eyes, so I told him to open his eyes. (Note the very wide almost startled eyes on him), Jack being 2 decided to do the exact opposite. Thus, the closed eyes on him.

Here's Riley right after the show. She looks relieved! Man, she's cute!!

One more quick one, her with some buddies

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check out our Autumn scrapbook!!

This is SUCH a cool way to share pics! Especially when you have a bunch and don't want to upload them ALL on Blogger.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Aunt Kim comes to town!

We are lucky enough to have an Aunt who is an AMAZING painter in our family! Even luckier, she came to visit us the other day and painted the kid's rooms! Yeah! This is the Aunt and Uncle that we used to live near in Idaho, so the kids have seen her work and have been begging her forever. But since before we were in a rental (while in Idaho) we couldn't have her do anything, but now we are home, so she come to the rescue! Below are the kids rooms. I wish I had taken before shots so you could really appreciate the difference, but alas... I didn't. :(

Just so you can see them a little closer... Here's Riley's garden room. It's SO amazing!! I can't even stress this enough. The two flowers on either side of the window are HUGE!! Like 4 feet high!

Harris's room isn't quite done... he has bunk beds with dog quilts, and Kim took home three 20 x 24 canvases that she is painting three of the specific dogs from his quilt on. So far it has a "rugby" themed paint job with the three main colors from his quilt in it, which in itself it adorable, but I will post the pics once we get them so you can get the complete idea.

Onto Jack's room. You got to see it a bit in the earlier post, but here's a better pic of it. It's SO cute with it's blue stripes. We will be putting up a chair rail around the top of the stripes, so again it's not quite done, but I couldn't wait to share!!

Thanks SO Much Aunt Kimmie! We love you! Come back soon! (And not just to paint!!) :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jack the BIG boy!!

This week has been a HUGE one for our little boy. He turned into a big boy! He has decided that the potty is an interesting idea, and has been going all day today! He even asked to go! Wow! Ok, I know that potty isn't really a nice thing to talk about, but coupled with the fact that today we took his crib down and he is sleeping in a big boy bed I couldn't NOT talk about it! My baby went from diapers and a crib to neither in two days! AAAHHHHH! SO weird! Anyway, here's a few pics to document these exciting milestones.. .I know, he's going to kill me when he's older and he finds out I posted pics of him on the toilet... bad mommy... :)

Note the magazine that he's holding. David had him look at it to make the picture funny... he wasn't REALLY reading an going.. :) He's not that much like Daddy yet. hehehe....

Aunt Kim came and painted the kid's rooms this weekend! As soon as we're done, we will post all of them... but isn't it cute?? :) Look how excited he is to be in bed!

He's going through a phase of not staying in bed, even when it was the crib, so that isn't very fun... we had to switch the lock to the outside of the door to keep him in! But he loved his bog boy bed, so I think this will help. Sweet Dreams big boy! :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Favorites from our family pics

We got our pictures back! Yeah! There are some great ones of the kids, and even one of David and I that we both like! Wow! It's like a miracle! Below are the favorites from the "shoot".

This is the best family shot we've taken since the AWESOME one when Harris was like not even two. Yeah, it's been a while. I have often said if I could photoshop Jack in it would be perfect. This is pretty dang close to that good! Most of you will get it in a Christmas card, so try to act surprised! :)

I LOVE this one of the kids. They are just looking so sweet, really pretty true to life!

She needs to just STOP growing up so much! She makes my heart hurt! She's SO grown up, and SUCH a great little girl! Her eyes look so great in this one!

Oh my goodness. This boy is going to BREAK SOME HEARTS! I swear, I know I keep saying this, but MAN is he handsome.

I love Jack's mouth in this one. It's so HIM. It's his little mischievous face... which I see OFTEN.

Thanks Melanie!!! You are the best! We love them!!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jack and Broozer...

This dog pretty much hates people. It's just his personality. He was raised in an apartment with one person, and then he came here. Fast-forward to now, he still hates people, but he LOVES us and the kids. It's hilarious. Case in point... watch blow by blow what he lets jack do to him.

Jack is actually laughing in this picture. I know, hard to tell, but it's too funny. Broozer is just minding his own business when Jack moves in for the kill. Or actually, the bed.

Broozer is now bailing out of the bed, as if it were a boat filling with water. He's no dummy. Butwatch in the next pic, he comes back for more...

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So there has been a black box placed over the sensitive area that NO ONE wants to see, but it was too cute a picture to not post...
And here's the end result. Both are sharing the bed. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Hallows Eve... Ok Halloween... but the other one sounds cooler

Halloween is always SO exciting, and I ALWAYS look forward to it, and it ends up being a stressful crazy night. ARGH! Why is that? I am always so stoked for it to come, and then I can't wait for it to be over. Man. I am a brat, huh? This one was a little extra crazy as Jack has decided that naps are for babies. He's going to make me CRAZY! The fun thing is that Kasey and Courtney were here to witness the insanity of Halloween. It was actually pretty great. Jack figured things out rather quickly, and started going from house to house with his hand out saying "candy, candy, candy, candy" over and over. It was so funny! And it would have been fine except as always the kids start going faster and faster, Jack can't keep up, he trips and the night is pretty much over for him. We managed to get a few shots to keep you giggling...

Here's Pocahontas and the very scary ghost on their way to school. Harris refused to wear any make-up on his face, and since they couldn't wear masks to school, he ended up looking like a little boy in a ripped up sheet. Oh well, he was happy... :)
Here we have the always scary 2-3 grade parade. It was pretty stinkin cute. They all weaved in and out of the classrooms, so I snuck in and took a few shots.
That teacher doesn't look very excited, does she? :)
Here's Riley being a little embarrased by her mom. Are we to that point already????
Onto the evening events....
Jacky was Nemo for Halloween. He WOULD NOT put on the outfit until Courtney talked him into it, then he wouldn't take it off. Oh, the fun of being 2.

Here's RY with Jack. I knew she'd be a great big sister, but I couldn't have anticipated them being such such good friends. He worships her. I LOVE it.
How could I get mad at this face? Even when he is throwing himself on the ground because he doesn't want to hold my hand when crossing the street.
Here they are at the first house. Harris is now in the spooky mas that goes along with the sheet. Er... costume. Look close, you will see his NOSE coming through the eyehole, not his eye. Hehehehe...
Here's the weird part. I am already looking forward to next year. :)