Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dagen!!

So it's here. David is officially as close to 50 as he is 20. He turned 35 today, and it was a nice lazy Sunday. (No, not a homage to SNL's Andy Samberg's Chronicles of Narnia rap, but that was awesome...) Anyway, Jack and Riley are sick, so one of us had to stay home from church. David stayed and got to stay in his jammies all day. And, he got to sneak in a mini nap while watching "Monster Quest". How much better can a b-day be? Anyway, being that we have sick kids, it was just us this year, but it was great. David's choice for his birthday cake was of course, not cake, but the raspberry-lemon pie that I make for him.

Anyway, I already got gooey on Father's Day, so I won't do it again, but he deserves his own blog post for his birthday. Happy Birthday Dagen, we LOVE you!

Make sure you note that while David is getting his birthday spankings from the kids, that Broozer is being REALLY protective of David. He's BITTER at Harris for making David "sad". Hehehe, what a spaz dog.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're home!!!

Wow. That was seriously one long trip. We were gone for a full 2 weeks! It was awesome though. Some of the highlights, Meeting Olivia, staying with Charles and Sara, of course the Molalla parade, seeing my Uncle John and Aunt Toni, oh, the list goes on. and so do the pics... I am only highlighting a few, but here we go...

First off, Meet Olivia!! :) Here in an outfit from Aunt Jennie... she is so tiny none of the outfits we bought fit her! Thank-goodness for upto 7 lbs size Gymboree!! Isn't she cute???

Here are the kids and a few of their cousins on the favorite hammock at Grandma and Grandpa's. With Harris and Jack are (L) Hailey (Corrin's), and (R) Hannah (Kristin's).

Here are Daddy and Jack asleep at the hotel. One of the hotels anyway. We stayed at 3 different ones! This was my favorite though, as Grandma and Grandpa Carter kept the older two and we actually got some sleep! Obviously... :) Jack really fell asleep that way, no manipulating the photo!!

Ahhh, the Molalla carnival. Honestly, some of my favorite memories of all time have been here. This was Riley, Harris and myself on the scrambler/sizzler/whatever they call it now. We all loved it and rode it twice!!!

Here the kids are (still at the Carnival) with their winnings. David was thrilled. More stuffed animals.

Here we are at Charles's house and Riley, Harris Bailey and Caddie are in the middle of a performance. The first of many. :) Bailey is closest to the camera, Caddie is more in the background.

Last, but certainly not least is Kenzie. She might be grouchy at me for posting this, but I LOVE THIS PIC! It's so her! We are all decompressing back at G & G Carter's house after the 4th. Note in the background Hannah and Bailey are tormenting Baby Charles (Corrin's). Oh, the love of cousins. (Kristin's husband Aaron is on the left of the pic)