Monday, May 21, 2007

Poor Riley!

Idaho has not been kind to Poor Riley. I got a call today (of course during Jack's nap) that she and a boy collided on the playground at recess and that Riley had broken her nose!!! First stitches, now this! Ugh. She was SO brave! By the time I got there she had stopped crying, stopped bleeding, and was thinking it was pretty cool that she would get to go to the ER. Can you believe her? We'll see how brave she is after we have to set it back into place on Thursday.
Riley as I picked her up from school...
And bedtime... we'll post more as it blackens...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dad takes Riley and Harris to the ZOO!!

Dad was a great sport this weekend! It was a special weekend at the Boise Zoo! Dora the Explorer was there, along with all sorts of cool things! What a party!!

The kids were a bit afraid of Momma

goose! But. the fear was worth it! Look

at those CUTE little goslings!

The kids on their paddle boat adventure!

Riley loves dolphins! Just like Aunt Patti!

Harris is more of a tattoo fan... not face


Harris is putting out the fires! There

were firemen were there letting kids

use the little hoses to put out tiny fires!
David isn't the biggest fan of this picture,
but I love it. It reminds me of what an
awesome Dad he is. We're so lucky!!