Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We're back! Man, why does it seem like we just left? Why do they go so fast? Dangit! It was crazy fun. The attendees were Kristi, Whitney, Kenon (and the little man she's almost 7 months pregnant with) and myself. I wanted to show them the city I love so much. It didn't let us down. Whit and I flew to Vegas where we had a layover and picked up Kristi. We then flew into JFK. Ok, have you ever landed there? It's HUGE!!! We got our bags and frantically ran around in the rain looking for Kenon's gate. Delta had some confusion, as did the 10 JFK workers we asked. It's ok. We made it PERFECTLY and got to see her coming down the escalator. Cut to us pulling up to our hotel...

Our hotel was the RIGHT HERE! It's in the building that says "PALACE" on it. CRAZY, huh? Wanna see our view?

We got there and after much screaming and jumping around we forged out. It was raining, but come on, we are all Oregonians at heart. The rain wasn't about to stop us.

I won't get too long-winded, and from here it would get really long if I explained it all. A quick rundown would be Bus Tour of city, Soho, Canal Street, Little Italy, H & M, Central park, FAO Schwarz, Ground Zero, Subway rides, Cab rides, lots of food, shopping and giggling and to top it off...

TRL (MTV'S Total Request Live) was ending it's 10 year run. It has been broadcasting from Times Square since 1998, and to send it off, they had a HUGE event that totally shut down Times Square. Try to imagine us, 4 out of the loop moms with 15 kids between us ROCKING out and being silly. Yes, I am aware I have a huge mouth. :)

I had the greatest time there, thanks to all who made it happen, (namely the husbands!) Let's get back to real-life I guess...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Park City

David has had to travel lately, alot. Now, for those of you who know me, I am not a good single parent. I have always been spoiled and had him at home, but since the insanity of the economy, Micron has David in Boise every other week, but just for a few days. Man. This has been kinda hard. BUT. The upside of the traveling are all the points he gets. Free flights, free hotel rooms, and this weekend we took advntage of the free Hotel room. The longer you're married and "in the trenches" of parenting, I think the harder it is to remember WHY we got married... it gets so stressful and you forget that you really like this person! You remember little things about them that seem to get lost in normal day craziness. At least, at our house.

Anyway, David and I snuck away to Park City this weekend, and it was HEAVEN. Westayed at the Park City Summit Marriot (thanks to the points, FOR FREE!) and LOVED it! It was on Main street in Park City and you could literally park the car, and walk. In fact that's how we found the restaurant that we ate at. PRIME Steakhouse... holy cats. This was ONE Awesome place. The food was so crazy good, and they were having a 2 for 1 deal! Made for me, don't you think? Lots of Christmas shopping ensued, and a SCARY movie to top it off!

Anyway, if you can sneak away without the little ones, I reccommend doing it. Often. I love my children, but it's so nice to come home and be refreshed, so that you can resume the argument with them over "He TOUCHED me!". :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Baby Olivia

So I had to show you guys how GORGEOUS my sister Karin's baby is!!! Look at her!

I mean, I know she's my niece, but WOW! Is it me, or does she remind you a little of Ashlee's babies? I think it's the CRAZY gorgeous eyes with the ridiculously long eyelashes... :)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


SO I gotta be honest. It started out rough. You know, the normal running around in the morning, getting everyone ready.. etc. Cut to us waiting 45 minutes for Harris's Halloween parade that was supposed to start at 9:30. At 10:15 it finally starts, and Harris is one the last ones through. He is at that age where I am embarrassing. So he walks past so fast I can't even get a picture! Seriously? I waited in a HOT gym with 500 other parents and ANGRY toddlers and not even a picture?? Sigh. High point of that was there was a Dad there who was dressed as Batman. I mean, BATMAN. Like, the really expensive rubber muscle suit. Anyway, Jack was pointing out all the kids dressed like Batman and Spiderman (his two faves right now) and that Dad walks in. So I said "Jack!!! It's Batman!!!" and he turns. I wish I had the camera ready. His face was AMAZED. He said, "IT IS! It's real Batman!" it was pretty stinkin cute. Anyway, the day goes on and it's rough keeping Jack from being angry that he doesn't get to wear his "Buzz Lightyear" all day. The kids get home, and we left to go to Provo. Here's where the day gets blog worthy... Michael and Karla (David's bro and wife) live in the River Bottoms area of Provo. It's a NICE area. Their ward has some pretty interesting people in it. Here's the run-down. In 1 HOUR of trick or eating we got candy from Donny Osmond's wife, we got Power Bars from Steve Young's parents and Larry King's brother in law was giving the candy out and Larry's house this year. CRAZY!! The kids got more full size candy bars than small ones, and almost NO tootsie rolls. (I was bummed about that one actually). Weird. Weird, weird, weird. Anyway, it ended up being a fun day... here's are a couple quick shots. Hope your Halloween was great everyone!!

Donny's House.... :)

Jacky's costume...

Jack and his friend Chloe during his Halloween parade

The kids were running around so much I didn't ever get another good shot of them dressed up, so I guess this one will do...