Friday, April 30, 2010

I KNOW! It's been a while. I will do some make-ups posting, I swear!

It's been a while. I don't want to hear it... I have been a blogger slacker. It's rough for me now that facebook is around. I am really good at keeping up on it... I promise! But anyway. This post is to show off my good friend Charity's nieces BOOK! Yes, I said niece's book!!! She is only 12, and she just published her first book. For those of you that don't know Charity, her Mother Linda used to write all the time. She would write songs for her kids to sing, she'd write poems for them to read, pretty much everything you can think of, that woman could write! Linda passed away a few years ago, but was able to meet her namesake Nicole Linda (David's daughter) before she was called home. I know that Linda is watching this little girl and helping her from above. Go check out this book. It's AMAZING!!