Wednesday, August 20, 2008


What? How on earth has it happened that All of my kids are in school now?? Jack only goes a little over 2 hours, but still! It's so crazy how time has flown by once again! Here's a couple shots of the kids getting ready to GO! The first couple of Jack on him going to the "meet & greet", but he swears he was going to school, so we counted it... :)

The traditional door pose

Jack's version of the traditional door pose. :) It's his new thing. Expect to see ALOT of those in the upcoming DISNEYWORLD RETREAT!!

THIS face could melt hearts. I am telling you. He can be SO stinkin CUTE!!!:) This little castle is in the waiting room at his preschool, and he LOVES IT!!!

Here are Riley and Harris trying to look all "Too cool for school" this morning. Remember the butterflies you'd get on that first day or two!?!? :) So much fun!!

Of course little peeker has to sneak his head in on the shot. (Note the head to the side thing...)

Here's the Big Man on his first official day!!!

Jack and his sibs getting to go to school together for the first time!! :) YEAH!!!

Jack picking out his cubby, he chose the Elephant.

Hanging up his little bag. And below, having fun with the bugs... What an awesome day!!!

I know, I know, it's been a while...

And it HAS been a while. I am not going to go into a bunch of details surrounding this whole medical crisis, but I had found a lump while doing the home exam that all WE WOMEN should be doing. It freaked me out, but I patiently waited for a mammogram. They couldn't see anything either. On a routine visit Dr Bair asked Karin how I was doing and bless my sister for telling him! He told me to not stop until I got an MRI. So we did that, and we found the lump. When you have cancer running along strongly enough that every female in on your Mom's side all the way back to Great-grandma, you kinda in the back of your mind are bracing yourself for it. They had to send me in for a Breast MRI guided biopsy. These are not easily done. Not fun. But TA-DA! We got great news back that it was negative. They were able to do the lumpectomy without further complications. But. Those of you who know me, know that there is no such thing as "without further complications". This last weekend our friends the Maags TOTALLY balied us out as I ended up going into the ER because of pain, fever, swelling, EXCRUICIATING pain, did I mention the pain? We were there for almost 6 hours, and lots of testing. I have a bad bacterial infection that isn't responding to antibiotics. Blek. It's getting a bit better now, so hopefully those who think I have been ignoring you or just blowing people off, it's just cause life has been SO stressful. Today we see the DR again, and hopefully see if the new drugs are working. I know, this isn't my normal blog posting, but I guess I was wanting to make sure you ladies out there militantly check yourselves. BUT, I do have one thing that will make you giggle... After all it wouldn't be a Jennie Post if I didn't give you at least ONE giggle. The Surgeon that I saw is in a large practice with 6 or 7 other doctors. So I was looking at the wall where it states all the DOCs name, and I pointed to one in particular. DOCTOR REBECCA TITTENSORE . Yep! You read that right. I said, to David, MAN! Maybe I should be seeing her instead!!"
So enought of the medical drama. I just knew that most of you had heard bits and pieces from people already, and wanted to make sure people know I am in the clear now! Onto the more fun post.... First days of school!!