Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just a quickie....

Jack is the biggest spaz on the planet. I can give you instances if you'd like to hear them... my two favorites to date are

1. When you ask him why he's so cute, he answers , "Because My Mom is SMOKIN' HOT". Yup. Thanks to David for that little embarrassing one when his nursery leaders ask... :)

2. Kasey David and I were sitting around discussing dating. When Kasey asked Jack what he would do if a girl liked him, but he didn't like her. Without missing a beat he looked up and said, "I would kill her." His little voice made it SO funny! It sounded more like"I wood kiwl huh". Ok, so therapy will be expensive, but for now, FUNNY!

Which leads me to the newest Jack item...

Last night was actually somewhat relaxing. David was downstairs on the computer, Harris was watching a show, Riley was showering after her soccer practice and Jack was quietly playing upstairs with his trains... until I heard a gagging noise. So I went to check it out, and asked if he was ok, and he replied, "Yes, but this doesn't taste very good." It was the spray cleaner that I left in the bathroom. ARGH! We gave him his weight in water to dilute it and just watched him for a while. He's fine. WHY!?!?! Why would you want to drink that?


AND - Karaoke looks like it will be on Saturday the 27th. It starts at 9, and even if you don't sing, COME! PLEASE! I really want to try to see everyone! It's a restaurant with great 1.99 appetizers, so it's a cheap date too! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So! I am doing this as a blog post because I don't want to forget anyone, but I am leaving


And flying into


For those who don't recognize it, I am coming to Portland! Sans Kids! Nice! My frequent flyer miles were going to expire, so I had to use them. My dear husband recommended I come to "Home" for a few days to just relax! :) September 26-28, (I know, so short!) Anyway, I am hoping to get a crazy Karaoke night together on either that Friday night or that Saturday night. Either email me or comment back and let me know! All parties are invited, so COME ON! It will be Lengend-(wait for it)-DARY! (If you don't know where that quote comes from you must go directly to Blockbuster and rent "How I Met Your Mother" season One through whatever is available)

Anwyay, We will go with the evening that more people can do it, I am thinking that we'll do it at the Golden Crown in Beaverton near the Target on Beaverton/Hillsboro Hwy. Mre details to come, Hope to see you soon!!! :)

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Wonderful World Of Little Girls...(AKA Riley's 10th B-Day!)

Riley's 10th birthday party was decided on LONG ago. We walked into "Justice" (which is an off-shoot of Limited Too, think Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, High-School Musical and little girls clothing.) and she saw a sign for Webkinz parties. Now. If you don't have a little girl between the ages of 5-14 you might not recognize the obnoxious teen idols I mentioned above, you everyone has to know what webkinz are, right? They are overpriced stuffed animals that come with a special online code that gets you into the "webkinz world". These were introduced to us last Christmas by my brother Todd (Who WILL get what is coming to him for it) and my kids were hooked. To be honest it is a cute little online world, they have little houses and cars. But MAN. It's out of control! We have at least a SQUILION, I swear! So back to the story. We walk in and she sees a party going on, and it's "So awesome Mom!" They do makeovers, hair, games and you get a webkinz pet. What could be better? Anyway, after much begging she talked me into it, and here are the resulting pics... After the makeovers (and some excedrin for me) we headed back to our house to create our cupcake masterpieces. That was a HIT! You have to try it for your next party. It's messy, but SO much cheaper than a blasted cake! :)

Here's the "Before" pics...

Here's us getting to Justice.

Here's the girls diving into their goody bags. The make-up and combs for the makeover were in them, and well as Justice Cash to spend at the store. Pretty cute...

Here's Riley getting started. Isn't she so cute??? :)

Now that the hair is done, the girls are oh so carefully applying their make-up. This was SO funny to watch!!

Here are Riley and Liv, as they are applying their make-up, I couldn't resist this picture, is there anything cuter?

Here they are all loaded up! They have all their stuff (which was a TON!) and have their make-overs completed! Very fancy, huh?

This was the cupcake area...

And the cakecake creating...

And finally, the presents. It's always a good thing to do the presents, because as the Mom, you know the end is in sight! :) So, Happy Birthday to my Baby girl! You only get into double Digits once!! We love you Riley!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So the last blog being about mostly school I grazed past the infection that I had pretty quickly. The truth about this blasted thing is, it was horrid. The doctors were completely confounded and couldn't figure out why while watching me, the redness started getting worse. Like going up my neck and around the back of my head, down my torso. It was super scary. They did all sorts of unmentionables to me, and then started telling me that I couldn't eat or drink, as they were planning surgery. I must have said the next phrase at LEAST 100 times. "Do whatever you need to do, but I am going to Disneyworld in 10 days, so do it quick." The next day, same comment, but down to 9 days. I really think the whole power of positive suggestion worked, because we went to Disneyworld on the 27th, and it was AMAZING! I am so grateful that we got to go and I wasn't in a wheelchair! (I would STILL have gone! COME ON! It's freaking Disneyworld!!!) Anyway. Below is the skinny on the trip... :)

Wednesday the 27th we got on the plane to go! Woo-Hoo! There is much excitement in the house, in the car, and then in the plane. Fortunately it was containable excitement and we didn't get too many people too irritated. We got there that night and the inevitable happened. All the things I forgot started coming up. ARGH. The restaurant reservations, the end of the antibiotics for Jack, and it was BLASTED HOT. We (meaning mainly me) we having a rough night that night. But the heavens opened and so did Disney World at 9 AM! :)

First day was Magic Kingdom. We are SWEATING SO profusely, it's amazing. It was 95 degrees, and 95 percent humidity. I am not kidding when I say you could see the humidity in the air. It was like little clouds. CRAZY. For those of you who are looking confused at the extra adult in the pics, that is My niece Kasey. We talked her into coming to help even out the parent to child ratio. We were back to man-to-man defense with her there. PS- She is single and obviously SO cute, so hit me up to hook her up! :)

Happy Birthday to me!! :) Is there a better to way to spend your b-day than Space Mountain? I mean, seriously!?!?! Plus one of our waiters thought Kasey and I were sisters, 5 years apart is what he guessed. :) NICE!!! Maybe he just wanted a huge tip... but I loved it anyway! And YES. My shoulders DID get sunburned. OUCH. We went to this beautiful "palace" for lunch, and we had AWESOME food. Plus the Pooh Bear characters joined us for pics.

Onto the next day, David's favorite place! The Animal Kingdom. Now before you look at the next pics, you MUST remember that we were just talking about how hot and muggy it was? We got off the dinosaur ride, (which is all inside) and walked out to get our stroller (parked outside) and it was like someone turned the sky faucet on high. Pouring like you wouldn't believe. We missed most of the shows and such because it was SO rainy the animals wouldn't cooperate. David's shirt is a light-grey normally. We were SOAKED! Jack scored though, we let the kids each pick something, and he picked the hooded dino towel. He was warm and dry, the little punk!

This picture is SO funny to me. mainly because I was roaring at Jack to try to keep him from being afraid, and then it took! I had no idea! It was hilarious though. Check out Kasey too, she was FREAKED! And note the complete lack of Harris. He is actually sitting next to Kasey, you just can't see him, since he's ducking so low!! Hahahha...

The day was on to Disney's Hollywood Studios (Formerly MGM) where we did Tower of Terror and some other fun things. This was Jacky's favorite lunch, as it was the Playtown Disney Character lunch. So the Little Einsteins and JoJo the clown were there. It was very over-stimulating for the adults, but the kids were loving it!

Possibly the most fun for my boys was where we stayed. We stayed in DisneyWorld at the "Camp Wilderness Cabins". There were little frogs, toads, and lizards that the kids could catch, and they were just in heaven!!! I can't tell you how awesome this place is. The cabins themselves are rustic and a bit small, but they perfectly fit all of us, and had a fridge and stove, so we didn't have to buy every meal. The dining plan with Disney is a MUST! Watch their site, sometimes (like ours) the dining plan will be "thrown in" just to get you to book. Probably this time of the year because it was hurricane season and we were washed out of the parks once. But only one day was it really raining, so we made indoor smores (thanks to Kasey's expertise of heating them on the element/burner) and watched movies. What a great trip.

If anyone is a glutton for punishment and would like to see more pics, let me know, but I was figuring this would do it! :) This should sum up the trip. It was fun and wonderful and next time You all have to come with!!! :) Have a great school year everyone!!