Monday, July 20, 2009

The time has come...

So I don't have a ton to post... other than the packers/movers come TOMORROW! I know. It has snuck up fast. I am scared/happy/stressed/excited/sad... can you be all those things at once? But EXCITED is probably the biggest part of that, so that's good. We will upload pics of the new abode ASAP, so give me a couple weeks, and I should have all new pics. Until then I must leave you with the BEST PIC OF ALL TIME. It's my niece at the midnight showing of "Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince". She is Professor Trelawney. And yes, it's her real hair. SOOO Awesome!! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday David!!

Oh what to say about the man we all know and love. I have blogged in the past the things that I love about him, the things that make him my best friend, etc. Maybe his birthday ramblings will need to be some of both. There will be mush, so avoid it if you need to... But here we go... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAGEN! (and for those of you who are paying close attention, yes, his birthday was yesterday, but it was a crazy day, so today it is... deal with it.)

1. He is devastatingly handsome, Obviously...

(The day he asked me to marry him 1995)
2. He loves his kids more that I thought a man could. He's SO good to them and makes them feel good about themselves. Two INCREDIBLY important needs for Fathership in my opinion.
3. He loves my family almost as much as I do.

(My Gram's 91st B-Day)

4. He is SO SO funny. He seems very Chandler-like (friends reference) in personality, meaning he's funny but some times he has no social filter. He has and will again laugh at you if you do things such as leave your zipper down, trip, get hit in the face with a volleyball, etc. The laughing OFTEN accompanies the taunting point.

5. He lets me sleep in every weekend.
6. He has kind parents who love him and our little family. My kids are SO lucky to have all 4 Grandmas & Grandpas.

7. He lets me tickle him. Sometimes.

8. He's my best friend.

(David & I in Park City 2007)

9. He's been known to cry in movies where the little girl grows up and
A. gets married
B. Goes to Prom
C. Has a baby
or D. All of the above
For this reason, Father of the Bride is a movie that has been banned from the house.

(Riley and Daddy at Karin's wedding 2006)

10. He Spoils me ROTTEN.

11. He not only likes me going on girl's nights, but will sometimes plan them.
12. He is a good sport about my purse obsession. It's a problem. First step is admitting it, right?

13. He makes me a better person.

14. He thinks I am the best baker in the world.

15. He knows how to fix things around the house, but MORE importantly he knows when to give up on said project and hand it over to a professional.

16. He makes me laugh everyday.

(Our Wedding August 19, 1995)

17. He continues to let me have dogs that are not so bright, but STINKIN cute!

18. He supports me continually.

19. He makes me feel as if I am still the 19 year old he married. (I know, 19!! Cradle-robber!!)

(Our Engagment photo, circa 1995)

20. Did I mention he lets me sleep in EVERY weekend??

21. He loves the Portland Trailblazers ALMOST as much as I do...

22. He is kind.

23. He's the hardest worker for his family that I have ever met.

24. He'd be my phone-a-friend on "who wants to be a millionaire" because he knows EVERYTHING!

25. He makes cute babies!

(the kids on 4th of July this year)

26. He listens to me, even when I am spouting crazy.

27. He thinks I am funny.

28. He's the perfect mix of a man and a woman. He likes sports, cars, and all the important boy stuff, AND he likes to shop! Could it get better??

29. He loves me. No questions asked. Always.

30. He takes us to Disneyworld/Land even though he HATES it!

(Disneyworld 2008 with Kasey in tow)
31. He's CRAZY smart without being condescending.

32. He's a good friend.

33. He will ask me to dance at random times, even if there's no music and when he does, he always asks "So, what Stake are you from?" (Mormon reference)
34. I mentioned the whole lets-me-sleep-in-every-weekend-thing, right?

35. He is right about 99.5% of the time, but doesn't rub it in.

36. He's always there when I need him.
Happy 36th Birthday Dagen! Here's to at least 70 more! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July!!

I am sad that our trip went so FAST! We were in Oregon for a total of about 72 hours... Ugh. I was SO wanting to get to hang for a long time and get to see friends. :( BUT, the Molalla Parade was NOT a let down. It never is. It's that kind of thing that when you see it you get all nostalgic and it takes you back to being a kid. It's AWESOME. I have never missed one yet! :) Anyway, here's a few pics of the 4th of July and a couple from the Idaho leg of the trip. The kids got to see their new house and they are SO excited about it! Phew. That is always stressful.
Harris and I won the "Big Money" on Deal or no Deal at Chuck E. Cheese. It was 80 tickets!!! WOO-HOO!!

Jack showing off his ummm... fashion sense in the pool... HA! He will HATE me for this pic soon...

Riley showing that she hasn't inherited my fear of birds in Boise.

Jack tossing bread to the Swans...

The boys keeping a safe distance from the HISSING Canadian Geese.

Feeding the ducks, geese, and swans in Boise.

Let's see... Lack of sleep + Boredom + Children's glow-sticks = This pic... LOL

Again, yes, we were bored... and trying to see how Jack would look in NEON.

Check it out without the flash! COOL!!
The big move happens on the 24th! We will try and keep things updated... :)