Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CUTEST cupcakes & cookies EVER!

So on the right hand side of my blog I have a link to "Custom Cupcake Creations". I had never seen them in person, but loved them from afar. Now, I AM HOOKED. I went to her open house today, and LOOK what I found!!

Witches hats!! SO cute!

Candy Corn Cookie pops?!?!? It's like they were made for me!

My pics aren't doing them justice, but Oh! I am in love. She does cookie bouquets too... :) Go check out her website. You will wanna have parties JUST to have her treats around!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Requests? :)

It's official! I am heading to NYC! YEAH!!! Thanks to frequent flyer miles and friends in high places, (AND one AMAZING husband) the trip is practically free. :) So. Those of you who know me know that my favorite part of going is THE SHOPPING!!! I am going to be spending alot of time in the canal street area, which is widely known for it's KILLER purses, watches, hats, etc. I don't wanna make a copyright issue and say any SPECIFICS, but there are some BIG names for little prices. Anyway, let me know if you need/want me to pick you up something! I can't tell you how much the items will be, it always just depends on the person selling it to you, but if you give me a limit to spend up to, I will do my best! I am a MASTER haggler, so I will get the best deals there are to be had!! :)

Halloween Party...

My kids went to thier first boy/girl party last night. It was a Halloween party, so they were in HEAVEN! It is always a bummer to them to only get to wear their costume once, so they were stoked. I can't believe they are at the age that the parties aren't boy only or girl only. Wow. My kids are getting OLD!!!!!!

Anyway, here's Mulan Riley,

And here's Harris the skeleton pirate. He will have his SCARY mask on for actual Halloween, so stay tuned.... but for now, he made a scary face for you instead... :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Little Miss Riley...

Here's Riley's newest school pics! She is such a cute little thing. She wanted her hair in braids for this one. She is getting her own ideas about what is "cool". Heaven help us. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

SNL at it's best....

Ok, so I know not all of you watch SNL. I don't know WHY you don't, but whatever. I am not going to judge. :) HOWEVER. you MUST watch this "weekend update clip" from this weekend. Whether you are a fan of Salin Palin, or not so much... you have to admit this is AWESOME.

You will have to watch a little commercial first, but it's TOTALLY worth it. I promise...

In order to hear this clip, you will need to turn off the music player down and to the left of this page... Just hit pause. Also, just in case the blogger is being irritating, here' s a link...


Thursday, October 16, 2008


I Love Halloween. LOVE IT! I have by far more Halloween decorations than any other. I am not sure why, other than my obsession with Candy Corn. I think it's not only delicious, but SO stinkin cute! Anyway, This season I have been obsessed with something else. (Ok, in addition to eating my body weight in candy corn) Caramel Corn. DANGIT! This is THE best stuff you have ever tasted, and I totally forgot about the recipe. I was looking for something else, and came upon it. I thought you might like to share...

You should be able to right click the popcorn recipe above and save it as a picture. That way you don't have to type the whole thing out. Honestly, it takes longer to type it than to make it! :)

I thought I would post a few pics of the new additions to the Halloween decorations. Blasted Tai-Pan. If you don't know what Tai-Pan is, see if they have one in your area, and go armed with a credit card. It's the greatest decorating store, and it's REASONABLY PRICED!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Enough said? WHAT? It is 75 degrees as I type! I have made resolution not to blog about the snow everytime it happens this year. I promise. I had to get this one out of my system though. Sigh.
Portland was awesome, I didn't get to see eveyone I would have like to have seen, but you never can, even on a long trip, much less a 72 hour one! KARAOKE was AWESOME, thanks for asking! :) Even thought you guys (you all know who you are) didn't come, it was still great. Crazy singing, scary weird guy that was about 85 and singing kidrock, it just doesn't get any better!
Anyway, I am off to parent-teacher conferences... wish me luck!