Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm back!

Whew. I know, I missed Christmas, I missed new Years, but I am not going to miss Harris's B-Day! He turned 9 last week, and I just can't believe how FAST time goes. Wow. He is such a nice boy! (unless you are Jack...) I have hope for the brothers liking each other one day. Todd and Denver weren't exactly the closest growing up, but now they are buds, so we will see... ANYWAY. It was a fun birthday for him as we had family in town on his ACTUAL birthday. He got to have two parties... one with the family (thanks to Michael's fam, Karin's fam, Denver's fam for coming) and then the next Saturday he got to have a friend's party. He picked a Dog theme (again) and it is HARD trying to come up with new games/party favors for a theme he's used like 5 times! But we were able to come up with some fun stuff including the cupcake building session. Harris had and awesome time! I am so grateful that Harris is in my life. He's my little love, he loves to give hugs and snuggles, and I am dreading the day when he gets to be "too cool" to love his Momma. For now, I am taking what I can get! Happy Birthday my Sweet Boy! Here's Harris growing up through the years, and a few b-day shots!