Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grandma Molalla comes to visit!

Harris is such a good brother! He "helps" Jack with all sorts of things.

My mom got to come and hang out with us a few days back. She got to come and hang with us for no reason! No surgeries, or bedrests, or major life changing things, just to spend time. It was great. As always it goes too fast, but she got to watch Jack open his birthday present from her which was fun. Does that kid's birthday ever end?

Monday, April 09, 2007


Easter was great this year. We were able to go to Utah and spend it with some of our favorite people! We went to Provo and got to stay with Michael and Karla and family. We are SOOO looking forward to being near them! We spent Easter Eve day with The Wakefields and The Hughes families and got to re-start a tradition from Oregon. We had an "egg" hunt for the kids. (This actually entails throwing candy on the grass at a park). We sat around laughing and eating our kid's treasures while the kids played. At one point it hit me how lucky we are to have friends who feel like you've known them for your whole life. It couldn't have been more perfect. Easter day itself was (as seen above) rowdy. Jack is a terrorizer who doesn't believe in sitting still. Those pictures were an attempt at a cute sibling picture, but ended up being more of a sibling wrestling match. Still cute though!
The trip to Utah was also all about finding our new home. It was rough going until Kasey, Karla and I "broke" into a home that I think might be the one! It's SO great! We'll keep you updated on the house hunt!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Jack's Birthday continues...

Since Jack's party was in Oregon, we left his "BIG" present from Mom and Dad here at home. He got to open it when we got home. He LOVES it! A John Deere pedal tractor! He hasn't quite figured out the pedal part, but he loves it anyway. Harris was anxious to "help". Mostly he wanted to get his turn! He's been SUCH a good big brother recently. David and I think he even likes Jack now! :)