Monday, May 25, 2009

Sad/Happy Day...

So if you haven't heard around the GIANT grapevine that David and I call our families, we are moving. Again. I Know... We are going back to Boise. Now most of you know I wasn't a huge Boise fan last time, but it was totally my bad. We knew we were leaving soon and I didn't want to have to say goodbye to MORE friends! So I just didn't make any outside of Kim an Jared. I am ready to give this another try! :) With the Economy the way it is, I am thrilled that David still has a job... so even if it's in another State, it will have to do. :) Anyway, the good news is it's halfway back to Portland, and now you all have a place to stop mid-way through the drive! Here's a couple pics of the new place. Come and see us! We move the last week of July.

Here's an AWESOME ariel shot. The house in on an ACRE! And yes, it does come with a riding lwan mower!! It's totally fenced and Broozer just can't wait!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jack's preschool graduation

My little man is all grown up... or at least through his first year of Preschool! He had to sing a little solo for his "graduation" and he was so GOOD! Check it out...
(To get rid of the background music go to the bottom right and click the pause on the music player)

We might have a little singer on our hands! Watch at the end for a quick thumbs up to Dad! :)

Friday, May 08, 2009


So I am going to ignore the face that the last time I posted was OVER a month ago... I am not being a very good blogger. Life is still insane, and if you wanna hear the daily insanity, I suggest you find David and I on facebook. We are much better about updating it. HOWEVER. There are some things that cannot be explained on facebook. This next item is one of them.

So on Wednesday I hear the doorbell and I am inwardly cursing the fact that we live near so many kids. I LOVE that my kids have friends, but seriously? Everyday? So, I ignore the doorbell and let Riley or Harris get it since it more than likely for them anyway. Riley yells to me, "Mom! You got a package!" Now, I LOVE getting packages, don't get me wrong, but I am thinking to myself... I haven't ordered anything recently (stupid recession) and it's not anyone's birthday... what could this be. Here's your answer.
(Note the fact it's marked "EXTREMELY URGENT")

Yup... CANDY. From my DENTIST. WHATTTTT??? Is that not like taking wine to an AA meeting?? Seriously!?!? Not only is it candy, but sticks-in-your-teeth, gonna-pull-out-your-new-crown candy. I just switched dentists and to "show my appreciation" they send me this! Seriously... is this not BIZZARE?? Diane and Steve, I am waiting with baited breath to hear your reply...
PS- There also were Laffy Taffys, but those are long gone. (What? I did say it was two days ago!)