Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day Of SCHOOL!!!

What a morning! It's our first day of school here in Utah, and wanted to give you guys a peek! Riley is starting 3rd grade, and Harris is off to 2nd. They were excited but nervous this morning at having to start a new school. Again. But, I think they are normal kids, to show that, Harris asked me on the way to school this morning, "How many days until the weekend?" :) Can you believe it? Not one day of school down and he's already counting the days!

Riley and Harris on their way out the door.
Okay, ENOUGH with the awkward smile faze Harris!!! Not the greatest of Ry either... wait, why did I post this one, oh yeah it was the best of the bunch! ARGH!!!
Again, hello awkward smile.... Harris at his desk... he met one of his desk buddies yesterday at the "meet and greet". Turns out they are new to the state and in our ward! (I know, weird! Another LDS person in Utah???) Anyway, he was happy to start out with a friend.
Well hello my 25 year old looking 3rd grader! Owww... my heart hurts looking at her!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


So. Those of us from Portland have NO IDEA what the big deal about this glorified "Larry's Sporting Goods" is. Until now. Today the kids went to go fishing at this cool little thing that Cabella's was putting on. First off, thankfully my Father in Law is a faithful Cabella's shopper. Last week they were here for Steven and Rachael's (our nephew and new niece) wedding. He signed my kids up for this fishing day. First off, remember that we are in Utah, where everyone has 10 kids and everyone is looking for a freebie. This store was large enough to accomadate all of us freebie lovers, and give out TONS of prizes, besides the fish that they stocked in their "pond". What a day! Super Dad (AKA David) went with all three kids! I was at home as my back went out yesterday, and so he took them all! Wow. They had a blast and Harris actually won one of the raffle prizes! Exibit A is above... :)

Here are some more pics of the day...

Riley climbing the Rock Wall... She has no fear!

The Boys trying hard not to be bored...

Jack looking STINKIN CUTE. He is obsessed with airplanes.

Riley and Harris showing you the Wide World of Cabella's

My little Fishermen... I dunno, do you call a little girl and fisher"woman"?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Family Pictures

While we were in Oregon I got the kids pictures done again. We did some with all the grandkids on the Harris side too... what a nightmare that is! Jack was being awful for the group ones, but here a a few cute ones of my kids...

And a couple of my cute nieces and nephews...

Todd's Family - Dalton, Kennedy , & Chandler
Denver's Family - Zakk, Tyler, Lexi, Rachel, and Natalie
Karin's Family - (if it's looking larger than it used to, that's because she has 6 stepkids now too! 2 Couldn't make the trip, but here are 4 as well as Karin's 4)
Karren, Kasey, Shannon, Courtney, Carlen, Kristen, Logan & Ben
And last but not least... the Harris Grandkids!!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wow!! Where did July go???

Hello again!! Sorry it's been so long! I can't believe it's AUGUST already! We are officially in Utah now! Our first blog entry since the big move into our new house. We are really loving it. We've had the few oddities, like our air-conditioning not working... but really it's been wonderful. We are LOVING having our friends so close, and have been really lucky to have my Mom here for almost a month! She was here helping me out and then went to the genealogy workshop at BYU. Luckily I was able to get her to take some pics for me, as my camera battery is dead. So here's a few pics, and a promise.. I will get a new battery and get back to BLOGGIN!!!

Let's start at the beginning... here's the parade in Molalla. It's a MUST SEE event, every year!!! Here's Dalton, Harris, Logan and Ben mugging for the camera.

Here's the kids with their new friend Holly. She's such a nice little girl, and she's right next door! It's great to have such nice neighbors. We are loving it!

Next was Aunt Kim and Uncle Jared coming to visit. We got to hang out with them, it made us realize how much we miss them! Here's their cute family, and Jennie and Jack feeding Everett...

Grandpa Carter came and we had BOTH grandpas here for a day! Grandpa Harris taught us this new game, kinda like horseshoes, but better!

Last but not least, we got a new puppy! Steven and his fiance Rachel had a gorgeous little min pin that they weren't able to keep once they move into their new apartment. We adopted him, and he's doing great! The kids just love him, and so do we!!! Jack's a bit jealous, so we took him for a ride at Toys R Us to compensate...

We hope this helps you feel like you were here... we sure wish you were! Come and see us! We finally have room!! :)