Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding pics!!

Here we are... FINALLY getting to show you a bit more of Courty's big day! She was a GORGEOUS bride, and the wedding was AMAZING! Dirk's Mom did the flowers, and after you see these, you are going to wonder why she doesn't do them professionally!!?!? They look PERFECT! Enjoy the pics... I know I did!

Congrats you guys, I hope you have an AMAZING life together. I know you will! LOVE YOU!

Monday, October 11, 2010

More to come...

EEEKK! They did it! May I present
Mr. & Mrs. Davidson!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Well. So much for me being a better blogger. Ok, I am doing BETTER... but I am trying, so I guess that counts for something. August and September went SO fast! I can't believe how quickly time passes! We had a great summer, and here are a few photos to prove it! :)

Grandma and Grandpa Carter came to play for a couple days. We had so much fun with them! They even went to the zoo with us!
We discovered the Boise Saturday Market! It's not as large as Portland's, but David and I really had a great time.

So this was my personal favorite part of the market. This was a little family that was playing guitar and singing, and doing it well! Very Joan Baez & Bob Dillon-esque. The cutest part was the mom had a little baby strapped to her chest who slept through most of it, and the 2 older kids were clapping along sitting quietly behind the parents. I just loved this. I thought it was so cool and made me feel like I was in the 60's. :)

And yes, it's david's WORST nightmare come true... RILEY HAS STARTED MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! Here she is getting ready for her "meet and greet".

 And getting her locket assignment... Don't you just love the look of ALMOST annoyance? Like she's thinking "Come on Mom... leave me alone and quit taking pictures!!!"

And with the all important Student Body Card. WOW. I am officially OLD!

 One sunny August morning, I woke up to this....

Our GORGEOUS tree fell during a windstorm! I was SO sad! I loved the way it looked waving prettily in front of the house. Sigh. STUPID WIND!

And here's Jack at the Open House for KINDERGARTEN!!!! Yes, you read that right, kingergartern! I know, I know, I don't know where the time went either! He's SO BIG!! He obviously was a little excited... LOL!!

Here's his cubby... I thought it was really cute, they had us color a picture of his hand and my hand to put up to show them where their cubby was. I made sure that I was holding Jack's hand in it. :)

While school shopping, I couldn't pass this up. Yes, I have turned into that person. The one who dresses up her dog. Maybe it's the fact that Jack has "left the nest"... I dunno... but it's pretty funny! The kids in the Utah neighborhood used to call Broozer DEVIL DOG, so he HAD to have this little hat.

And the first day of school arrived. Now, usually this is where you would see pictures of the kids in front of thier school, or with their teacher... but MY mean kids didn't want me driving them on their first day! WHAT???? Evidentally they are too cool to have mom take them, so they rode the bus.

Note the SLEEPY look on their faces!! Riley has to catch the bus at 7:15! She's a little too much like me to be happy about that. We Carter ladies LOVE our sleep!I love that Harris is trying to not smile, but he can't help it. :)

And here's a biy who NEVER tries not to smile. I don't think he can help it. You pretty much always know where you stand with Jack. No surprises, he shows EVERYTHING on his face.

Check out his leg... he's SO TOTALLY posing! HAHAH! This is his "apple" for the teacher. It's hand sanitizer! CUTE, huh?

LOVE this smile!


Now, you are NOT seeing things. Yes, we are in Idaho, and yes, that is Kasey and Courtney! They surprised me for my borthday and drove up to see me! :)  :)  :) I cannot put enought smiley faces on that one.

And here's Bill the bus driver. He is SO STINKING cute! I love him! He totally breaks the rules and picks up Jack right in front of the house instead of at the corner. So nice of him! Jack is like a little superstar on the bus. He gets on and it's like NORM at Cheers! "Jack! Jack! Sit here Jack!" It warms my heart knowing he has little friends already!

I will get to September soon! I PROMISE! :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A few more family shots....

We got back a few more pics from our family "shoot". I LOVE these shots. They show the relationships we have with our kids, and how special it really is. Moving around so much may be hard in some ways, but it really has brought us closer as a family.

The shots were taken up at Rocky Butte in Portland, which is just the most GORGEOUS spot! David and I are such Portlandians at heart and this spot showed perfectly one of the reasons why. How awesome is that view!?!?!

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a couple more pics....

Our photographer is releasing our pics a few at a time, so I guess that is how you will see them too. :) Here's a couple more!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The 4th...

I KNOW! Two posts within 1 week! I'm going crazy! :) LOL... The 4th is always SUCH a big deal in our "world". Bigger than Christmas, Bigger than Birthdays, Bigger than all. Growing up in Molalla, I think it has to be! either that or YOU HATE IT! :) I happen to love it. Every year we go back for the parade/carnival/family BBQ, and it count down the days until we do it again. This is was only disappointing in one area...

I KNOW! I don't know how they called it a Carnival either! lol... The rides were great, but the games sucked... so if there's anyone out there from the Molalla Cahmber of Commerce, WE WANT THE OLD PEOPLE WHO RAN IT BACK!

Ok, enough of my fit! :) Diane and Steve came back to their white trash roots and we got to see them! :) Man, I miss those two! (OK those 5, but my kids hogged their kids, so I barely even got to see them!) The picnic at Mom and Dad's rocked the house, with Jason Phillips, Shellie DeMerrit & Justin Wilson and Andrea (Jason's Fiance') stopping by! I got to introduce old friends to David and the kids, and sit out in the back chatting. The entire trip to Oregon was awesome, and I am missing it already. But here are a few pics to keep you entertained until next year. :)

Riley and Harris ANXIOUSLY awaiting the parade! (AND the candy that comes with it)

OOOHHH!!! Elvis!!! HAHAHA... Time has not done him any favors...

But Karin and I gave him (as Jack says) "Some Sugar" anyway... :)

I love this pic for some reason. Like, LOVE IT! Only Dirk Courty and I are paying ANY attention... everyone else is... um... NOT.

Jack is showing off his "feats of strength" :) He TOTALLY WON!

Of course, everyone under 12 won, but, Still! :) He's SO stoked about his prize! We were less stoked while driving home to Boise with it.

Another game another dollar. Or $5 as the cost maybe. But we got a crappy Dollar Store stuffed animal, so I guess we are the true winners.

We were trying to look afraid! (and yes, I have green gum in my mouth)

And here we are ACTUALLY a little afraid! It was a good ride!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these people! :)