Friday, July 16, 2010

The 4th...

I KNOW! Two posts within 1 week! I'm going crazy! :) LOL... The 4th is always SUCH a big deal in our "world". Bigger than Christmas, Bigger than Birthdays, Bigger than all. Growing up in Molalla, I think it has to be! either that or YOU HATE IT! :) I happen to love it. Every year we go back for the parade/carnival/family BBQ, and it count down the days until we do it again. This is was only disappointing in one area...

I KNOW! I don't know how they called it a Carnival either! lol... The rides were great, but the games sucked... so if there's anyone out there from the Molalla Cahmber of Commerce, WE WANT THE OLD PEOPLE WHO RAN IT BACK!

Ok, enough of my fit! :) Diane and Steve came back to their white trash roots and we got to see them! :) Man, I miss those two! (OK those 5, but my kids hogged their kids, so I barely even got to see them!) The picnic at Mom and Dad's rocked the house, with Jason Phillips, Shellie DeMerrit & Justin Wilson and Andrea (Jason's Fiance') stopping by! I got to introduce old friends to David and the kids, and sit out in the back chatting. The entire trip to Oregon was awesome, and I am missing it already. But here are a few pics to keep you entertained until next year. :)

Riley and Harris ANXIOUSLY awaiting the parade! (AND the candy that comes with it)

OOOHHH!!! Elvis!!! HAHAHA... Time has not done him any favors...

But Karin and I gave him (as Jack says) "Some Sugar" anyway... :)

I love this pic for some reason. Like, LOVE IT! Only Dirk Courty and I are paying ANY attention... everyone else is... um... NOT.

Jack is showing off his "feats of strength" :) He TOTALLY WON!

Of course, everyone under 12 won, but, Still! :) He's SO stoked about his prize! We were less stoked while driving home to Boise with it.

Another game another dollar. Or $5 as the cost maybe. But we got a crappy Dollar Store stuffed animal, so I guess we are the true winners.

We were trying to look afraid! (and yes, I have green gum in my mouth)

And here we are ACTUALLY a little afraid! It was a good ride!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these people! :)


Whitney said...

Just linked from the email you sent about the pictures! Oh man, your kids look gorgeous! And OLD! But you look shockingly young in your picture! Well done, maybe the Boise air is good for the skin. :)I really miss you! Can we plan a sisterhood trip soon? All I think of when I see those Carnival pictures is Kristi yelling "REAM ME"!